GCAP with a new mandate until 2030

Monday 15 August 2016
The end of 2015 marked the end of the mandate of GCAP which was launched in 2005 during the Global Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, as an open and ambitious call to civil society to action against poverty that functioned within the framework of the UN Millennium Development Goals, the worlds’ greatest and most successful development initiative.
The approval of the new “Agenda 2030” and the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by UN in September 2015 provided a new framework for civil (...) (continue)

Light the way to the future

Friday 25 September 2015
Tenths of Lanterns went to the sky over Sofia on September 24 2015 to send the messages and wished for better future of the Planet Earth.
The Event organized in the garden in front of the National Theater was part of the Global Campaign Light the Way to promote the UN SDGs.
The organizers in Sofia-Bulgaria were Gender Education, Research and Technologies foundation (GERT), the Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP), The UN Association and The Bulgarian Platform for International (...) (continue)

Show us your #Youth Power

Sunday 23 August 2015
As world leaders are setting global goals to end poverty, inequality and climate change, we are the generation with the power to make sure the world keeps its word. Therefore, on 12 August, in Europe and all over the world, people working towards a better future will unleash their #YouthPower – check below what happens in Austria, Bulgaria or Serbia to mention only few. Be one of them, support their action tomorrow with simple steps:
1. Alone or with friends, on holiday or at the office: (...) (continue)

Rana Plaza, two years later

Wednesday 22 April 2015
On the 24th April 2013, more than 1.100 people (mostly women) died and other 2.500 were injured due to the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. These women worked in inhuman conditions and in exchange of an immoral salary, making clothes for some of the biggest fashion brand of the world, such as: Benetton, Primark, Mango, The Children’s Place, Gap and others.
In the wake of the massacre, a wave of solidarity went all over the world, and millions of people from different parts (...) (continue)

International Multipliers’ Seminar, Chisinau, October 16-17, 2014

Friday 28 November 2014
The event gathered participants from the six partners’ countries and organizations working on Fit for Fair project (Moldova, Germany, Slovakia, the UK, Bulgaria and Romania) as well as multipliers, journalists, trade union activists and official institutions representatives from Moldova to discuss and present efforts and targets in empowering women in the context of the project activities.
There were various presentations giving different perspectives on the issue of women’s empowerment in (...) (continue)

The national ManCare campaign is launched

петък 28ми ноември 2014 от Мирела Петрова
On September 30, 2014 was officially announced the launch of the national ManCare campaign.
ManCare Bulgaria is part of the international "MenCare - a global fatherhood campaign", which takes place in over 20 countries worldwide. In Bulgaria, the campaign is supported by OAK Foundation.
First of its kind, not only in Bulgaria but also in Eastern Europe, 10 NGOs are uniting around the cause of the campaign, working to implement socially responsible causes and projects aimed at supporting (...) (продължава)

Stop Targeting Hungarian NGOs!

Wednesday 11 June 2014
Since its re-election, the Hungarian government launched a campaign attacking the credibility of Hungarian NGOs and strives to gain controlling power over their funding, currently distributed independently from the government. We believe that a dynamic and independent civil society plays a fundamental role in a democratic society, as it is one of the key checks and balances to governing power. The harassment of the civil sector could easily lead to the criminalization of NGOs and could (...) (continue)

WORLD MARCH OF WOMEN International Women’s Day Declaration

Saturday 8 March 2014
We strengthen our struggles and solidarity to advance the autonomy, freedom, the defense of our bodies and the progress made by the feminist movements in the world.
Women in the world are dealing with the effects of political situations, violence, extreme poverty and natural situations caused by the destruction and over-exploitation of nature, including by mining companies. These situations are affecting the lives of all women worldwide and it challenges us to find creative forms to (...) (continue)

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