Change your Shoes: EYD 2015 – Starting point of the way to an ethical and sustainable shoe supply chain

Thursday 30 April 2015
This is an EU funded project with 18 partners – 15 organizations from 12 EU countries and 3 organizations from Asia. The project started on January 1st 2015 and will be run to the end of 2017. The leading partner of the consortium is Sudwind Austria. GERT is the Bulgarian partner. (continue)

GERT is part of the Global Campaign Against Poverty

Thursday 26 February 2015 by Jivka Marinova
GERT started a 3 years partnership project with 9 European partners which main goal is popularizing the idea of the International Assistance for Development, holding the Governments accountable for the implementation and fulfillment of the MDGs and acquainting the society with the new concepts of the SDGs.
Within this progect GERT is participating to the events of the European Year of Development and the Movement
Learn more about the Campaign (...) (continue)

MenCare in Bulgaria

Friday 5 September 2014
MenCare is a global campaign for active fatherhood, taking place in more than 20 countries on 5 continents. Its mission is to promote active participation of men in children’s lives in order to achieve family reconciliation and gender equality.
Through media, evidence-based program development and advocacy, MenCare works at multiple levels to engage men, institutions and policy makers. Because when men are involved as non-violent caregivers, it benefits not only women and children, but also (...) (continue)


Tuesday 19 March 2013
Fit for Fair is a three-year project aiming at raising awareness on the conditions in the garment industry in less developed countries. It comes as a tool for bridging the cultural gap in the ideas for decent labour in the north and south poles of the European Union and in third countries. (continue)

Schools for gender equality and against violence

Tuesday 12 February 2013
A 2 years project aimimg at involving boys in the achievement of gender equality and decreasing gender based violence, financially supported by Oak Foundation (continue)

Bullying prevention in school environment

Saturday 22 August 2009
Children use violence among them. Children hurt themselves and bully themselves; children suffer… like adults, but more and more sincerely. During the last years the country has been shocked by several cases of child-to-child violence with fatal end. Most of the lighter cases never appear on the surface. Violence and bullying are not an invented or adopted issues. They are real and frightening.
The causes and factors determining the manifestation of aggressive behavior of children are (...) (continue)

Women & Globalization: Decent work for ALL

Saturday 22 August 2009
Despite the fact that the Millennium Development Goals have been written almost a decade ago and we live in the 21st Century already, it appears that the phenomenon called “underpayment” still exists.
Bad work conditions and respectively life conditions are very common in the world, not only in the Third World Countries but also in our own. Big Corporate Companies do not care about how the product that they’re buying on such a low price is produced; they only care about how to sell it on much (...) (continue)

EU Kids Online Project

Tuesday 24 October 2006 Jivka Marinova
The EU Kids Online project examines research carried out in Member States into how people, especially children and young people, use new media. In this three-year collaboration, researchers will collaborate to identify, compare and evaluate the available evidence. (continue)

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