The Free Software – challenge and alternative for non-governmental organizations

One good way to facilitate the access of women to new IC technologies
Thursday 5 August 2004
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On July 31 – August 1 2004 Internet Rights Bulgaria provided a training on ICT for women from NGOs. The training was held in the premises of Interspace-Sofia.

The training was in the frames of an international program for familiarizing women with ICTs.

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Обучение по нови технологии

The main goal of the program is acquiring knowledge and skills in using ICTs for raising the awareness and dissemination of NGO activities and achievements, especially those of women’s NGOs and the combating the digital divide, existing on the basis of gender and economic status.

The main themes, presented by the lecturers Christina Haralanova, Vladimir Petkov and Mathieu Lutfy were the following:

- The role of web sites, methods of searching and publishing information on the web
- The free software and its importance for NGOs
- Introduction to LINUX and practical exercises with LINUX-applications
- Information security and anti-virus protection

The training allowed the participants to break the psychological barrier concerning the new technologies and to immediately put in practice the acquired knowledge and skills.

GERT foundation provided its website for the practical exercises.