Violence against women, children and youth: how to deal with?

Study Session, Plovdiv 16-19 September 2004
Tuesday 3 August 2004
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The Conference/Study Session has been initiated by API – Plovdiv within its annual program and has been supported by the World Bank. GERT is responsible for the drafting of the program and preparation of the content as well as for the facilitation and the training itself.

The event consists of three panels:

  1. The interactive training session
  2. Forum – “Young people against violence”
  3. Social program

The conference is an international event and will be attended by more than 50 participants from Bulgaria, the Balkan countries and other CEE countries.

The main goals of the session are to explore the causes of Violence against Women, Child abuse and Youth violence and their impact on the life of young people as well as to bring these issues into the mainstream and non-formal human rights education.

The objectives of the initiative are to explore how the youth work can decrease and prevent the violence and to develop some methods of intervention at local, national and international level.

Jivka Marinova and Maria Velichkova will provide the facilitation and the lectures.