Appropriating ICT’s for the visibility of women’s economic initiatives

Pilot project, including the active participation and decision-making of women from 8 francophone countries
Monday 2 August 2004
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The leading organization of the project is the feminist network The Penelopes, based in France.

The project consists of training and learning how to use and share a totally new computer free-software that will provide “self-adjustable” web sites in which the architecture is technically constructed, the headings and the organization already worked out, the whole integration is totally transparent for the users, the management of content completely appropriable and cooperative, the site thus being ready for use thanks to a specific interface that enables the beneficiaries to be completely autonomous. Once conceived, it would be possible for this innovative formula to be downloaded freely from Internet and therefore available for all the women’s organizations in the world, the translation of sections needing very little work. Other women will thus be able to create their own web sites quickly, freely, easily, needing no specific technical knowledge.

This project will enable women who carry economic initiatives to give more visibility to the alternatives created, to apprehend success factors in order to go beyond the obstacles encountered, to increase the innovative effects by breaking with an often paralyzing isolation starting from an exchange of experiences and knowledge with other practitioners members of an ever wider network. Creating a network for these women by the innovative creation of web sites ready to be personalized and appropriated freely by the beneficiaries, joined to training trainers, serves a multiple objective: resolutely breaking with assistance and isolation and thus providing a sharing of content that brings to the fore practical experiences and knowledge that are systematically invisible, overcoming the digital divide and giving great visibility to the initiatives brought by women while promoting their autonomy.

Global objective

To give visibility to success factors generated by women in areas of exclusion or great poverty and generate synergy among the women in order to break their isolation and to encourage the exchange of local, regional and international expertise through the production of content on their practices, daily activities, local contexts, solutions that have been found and obstacles that have been overcome.

Specific objective

To publish content related to the innovations implemented by groups of women involved in economic and people’s solidarity; to train in the strategic use of ICT’s in order to consolidate and impulse spaces propitious for the exchange of expertise, through the creation of web sites ready to be appropriated and through training potential trainers.

Member countries

Bulgaria, Cameroon, France, Haiti, Mali, Quebec, Congo, Senegal

Targeted public

Women; NGOs specialized in gender issues; women’s structures developing economic activities, research groups on women and people’s economic practices


Main responsible of project management : The Penelopes association (France)


- AFCA (Association de femmes camerounaises actives)
- Afasda (Association femmes Soleil d’Haiti),
- Gaie (Groupement d’appui aux initiatives économiques des femmes, Mali),
- Enda Senegal,
- Comsep (Quebec),
- Gender Education, Research and Technologies (GERT) (Bulgaria)
- Bumoja (Congo)