Forum Meeting for European Trainers on Human Rights, Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

Monday 7 June 2004 Mariya Gencheva
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During the period 22-25 April 2004, Maria Gencheva (Legal adviser of GERT) participated in the Forum meeting for European trainers on human rights, peace building and conflict prevention, which was held in Haraldvangen near Oslo, Norway.

The event was organised by the Norwegian Center for Peace Building and Conflict Management (CCM), which is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, contributing to peace building primary through training of personal working with development and humanitarian NGOs, government agencies and individuals in the fields of conflict management, human rights, democratic process and organizational development.

One purpose of the meeting organised by CCM was to meet with, get to know and exchange experience with the trainers from other parts of Europe. In the whole Europe there are well educated trainers, working in the field of human rights protection and peace building education on daily basis, but who do not know each other because there is no network or special space for these people.

So, the main purpose of the event was the establishment of a network or forum of non–formal trainers where they will be able to exchange their experience, to discuss the new tendencies and to develop a culture of peace both at national and international level. The representative of GERT was chosen in the Executive Committee of the network.


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    29 November 2004, by Ramil Isgandarov

    Dear Mariya. I was also participated at the meeting. It was nice to see you there again. I hope you remember me. I’m Ramil from Baku, Azerbaijan. I looked through your website and its very interesting. By the way, today I sent you an email and looking for reply. regards,

    Ramil Isgandarov Baku, Azerbaijan