Jivka Marinova
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GENDER EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGIES Foundation (GERT) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, acting in public interest and in line with the international law to which Bulgaria is party.

The mission of GERT is to initiate and implement, independently or in partnership with other NGOs activities targeted to enhance gender equality and social & gender justice in all spheres of social life, including access to and benefit from new technologies.

The main goals of GERT are:

- to raise the awareness of the public at large on the need of combating gender stereotypes, which lead to inequality in all levels of the society;
- to enhance the tolerance in gender relationships and achieve a conscious rejection of violence;
- to achieve better awareness of the public and specifically of younger generation on reproductive rights and health and international trends in this field, including the issues of HIV/AIDS;
- to raise the interest of NGOs and more specifically women’s NGOs toward using the new ICTs in social activities and practices;
- to raise the awareness on and support the creation of networks for economic solidarity among women’s groups and other disadvantaged groups.

Target groups:

- women
- youth - girls and boys
- women’s non-governmental organizations

GERT will achieve its goals through proactive research, education and advocacy programs, following the principles of fair cooperation and partnership with individuals, NGOs, Academia, national and international programs in the specified fields.