Show us your #Youth Power

Action 2015
Sunday 23 August 2015
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As world leaders are setting global goals to end poverty, inequality and climate change, we are the generation with the power to make sure the world keeps its word. Therefore, on 12 August, in Europe and all over the world, people working towards a better future will unleash their #YouthPower – check below what happens in Austria, Bulgaria or Serbia to mention only few. Be one of them, support their action tomorrow with simple steps:

1. Alone or with friends, on holiday or at the office: stand proud, strike your #YouthPower pose and catch it on your camera!

2. Pin the #YouthPower tattoo on your pic to make it even stronger

3. Post it on social media using #YouthPower . Use #myEYD2015 to link up with the European Year for Development and #action2015 to let the entire world know

4. Tag your friends and get them to share their poses. #YouthPower is stronger together.

In Bulgaria, the Gender Education Research and Technologies (GERT) Foundation is holding its workshop encouraging young people to unleash their #YouthPower and to proudly show it to the world with the transferable tattoos designs.

Here are some of them:

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Developing the Ideas-web
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Drafting the Action_web
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I am strong_web
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I can build the world_web
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The Music is our Strength_web
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My Light is my Power_web
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We Are the Power_web
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I am the Future_web