The national ManCare campaign is launched

Campaign for active participation of men in the lives of children and families
петък 28ми ноември 2014 от Мирела Петрова

On September 30, 2014 was officially announced the launch of the national ManCare campaign.

ManCare Bulgaria is part of the international "MenCare - a global fatherhood campaign", which takes place in over 20 countries worldwide. In Bulgaria, the campaign is supported by OAK Foundation.

First of its kind, not only in Bulgaria but also in Eastern Europe, 10 NGOs are uniting around the cause of the campaign, working to implement socially responsible causes and projects aimed at supporting children, families and educational institutions. one of them is "Gender Education, Research and Technology" Foundation.

The national ManCare campaign aims to provoke public debate on the "male" and "female" roles in child raising, upbringing and education; to give the fathers (and parents in general) the opportunity to get more useful and practical information about specific features of the child development; to create more opportunities for promoting positive model of education in the family and also in kindergartens, schools and society in general; to support families in their efforts to create a complete and non-violent environment for their children; to enable people who share the principles and values of ManCare to be part of an active community.

The national ManCare campaign aims to bring the various opportunities for active, engaged and positive involvement of men in children’s lives. "Fatherhood", understood as a social role can be carried out not only by the biological father, but also by other important men (grandfather, uncle, teacher, mentor, coach, etc.), who with their presence and care become important factors for the full physical, mental and emotional development of the child.

The engaged father (or the committed significant for the child man) helps children to become confident and caring citizens, partners and parents. This is confirmed by the national representative survey "Attitudes, practices and barriers in front of the active male involvement in child care in Bulgaria", held in preparation for the campaign.

The survey results and activities provided within the national ManCare campaign are published on the campaign’s website