Enough fashion victims!

Complain to the Polish company LPP, the owner of the brands Reserved and Cropp. the campaign is a joint actionwith "Buy responsibly" and "Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network" Poland
вторник 22ри октомври 2013
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Have you too had enough of wearing clothes paid for with human life, health and existence on the verge of survival?

If so, complain to the Polish company LPP, the owner of brands such as Cropp and Reserved, who ordered production from the clothing factories in Bangladesh that collapsed killing 1,131 people.

Today, you can protest once more against outrageous working conditions at Asian factories where your clothes are made. Report the products you bought to be inconsistent with your values and moral principles.Tell the president of the management board of LPP that all the garment industry workers should work in safe conditions, not threatening their lives, and receive a living wage to support themselves and their families.

Workplace safety and living wage are basic human rights. Article 23 (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that every person should have the right to “just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity.” Although the declaration was drawn up in 1948, in many places in the world this basic right is still not grantedtoday. Workplace safety is decided not only by national regulations. It is also referred to by the International Labour Organization Convention no. 17 of 10 June 1925 which emphasizes as well thataccidents at work are subject to appropriate compensation.

The victims of the construction disaster in Bangladesh in April this year need compensation immediately. Many of the former seamstresses have been permanently mutilated, their legs or arms have been amputated, some of them will not be able to go back to work at the factory and thus provide for their families. 10 garment brands that used the Rana Plaza factories as contract manufacturers decided to sit down and talk about the way to pay workers’ compensation.

The Polish corporation LPP failed to show up at the table though it had also ordered production from the factories that collapsed. LPP is the owner of leading Polish garment brands: Reserved, House, Mohito and Cropp. Labels of the latter brand have been found in the ruins of the factories where 1131 people were killed. There is no doubt that the cut and quality of LPP clothes is not inferior to garments made by the company’s competitors.

Why then ethical standards of the Polish company lag so much behind the Western brands?


LPP anounced today 21.10.2013 that they had joined Accord on fire and building safety in Bangladesh!

Thanks to all that joined the campaign!