петък 28ми ноември 2014

The CSO Human Rights in Crisis Conference was organized on June 25 and 26th within the framework of the Action Week. Some of the key organizers were FIAN, the Centre for Economic and Social Rights, Frauen Solidaritat . The conference happened with the support of the European Commission and the European Parliament, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Trialog, the Austrian Develeopment Cooperation Agency, ETOs for Human Rights and others.

The motto of the international forum was All Human Rights for All, reclaiming the supremacy of the human rights in all spheres – corporate, governmental, political, economic, cultural, personal.

The Declaration adopted on 26th of June was passed after broad discussions held in English and Spanish between the changing panels and the floor, both including politicians, academic figures, activists, media people and NGO representatives.

Climate change, the food producers worldwide getting poorer and poorer, the gradual lost of traditional livelihoods, the globalization and the labour market were the key words that were referred to in every topic and discussion and the bulk of the attention seemed to circle round issues of the increasing gap between the multinational companies’ capital and the ordinary people, the impact of the large companies on local governments.

Voices were heard maintaining that the spheres gained by human rights upholders over the years were now shrinking as the world witnessed too many incidents of human rights activists losing their lives for defending their cause.

Discussions being intense did not prevent participants from demonstrating friendliness, solidarity and understanding for different points of view or approaches.

Irina Veleva, GERT