Conference "Building the Capacity for Prevention against Bulling in Schools"

Thursday 4 April 2013 by Elizabet Dimitrova

GERT organized national conference “Building the Capacity for Prevention against Bullying among Children in Schools”. The event was separated into four sessions in two days- 23 and 24 June, 2011, Sofia, Park Hotel “Moskva”.

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The first session of the event was devoted to sharing experience taken from the program “Prevention against Bullying in Schools” that took part already in 10 pilot schools in Bulgaria. The participants in the event were the school representatives that were involved in the program since the very beginning of the project. During the panel discussions all of the teachers expressed their positive attitude towards the positive results of the activities and methods used. During the second session Reidar Tihold, the director of Olweus International Institute, Norway, Helene Olofson, Sweden, Ieva Dulinskaite, Lithuania and Martina Tomitch Latinatch, UNICEF, Croatia spoke about methods and sustainability of programs against bullying at schools applied in Europe.

Strengthening and sustainability of the program in the Bulgarian school system were the topics discussed on the second day. GERT team presented two new guides “Methodical Teachers Guide” and “Class meeting guide” especially produced as a result from the feedback from the previous work on the project and the recommendations given from the school representatives during the last conference in 2010. The first guide steps on the structure of the original Dan Olweus program but it’s totally changed and strictly oriented to the Bulgarian situation. So, it can be applied in every school independently, without the need of mediator.

The second guide “Class meeting guide” was developed by GERT team after the revision of all the recommendations of the teachers given during the conference in 2010. The guide consists of developed, ready to use topics for the main program element- the class meetings. There are suggested different exercises, games and activities needed to go deeper in the problem and more effective solutions searching by the children themselves.