Special program for training the teachers was developed by specialists
Thursday 4 April 2013 Elizabet Dimitrova
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GERT conducted trainings for teachers in September and October 2009 in five regions in Bulgaria.The trainings are a part from the activities of the project "Stop the bullying at school!"The project is financied by by OAK Foundation and Global Fund for children at first stage and on the second - by the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth in Bulgaria.

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Specially prepared tools for teachers, parents and children were presented to the teachers.

Psycologists, pedagogues and trainers trained the teachers how to work with parents and children. The aim of the activities is contribution to the decrease of the bullying cases in school. The team showed the partcipants the results of the research done by GERT in the first stage of the project. The research shows the percetage of bullying in ten pilot schools.

The teachers were trained also for work on interactive methods.

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One of the methods used was the so called "Forum Theatre". The method reveals the bullying and the types of bullying by playing theatre scenes. Children are actors in the scenes. The method provokes searching and discissing the best solution for an issue. This method will be used during the class meetings and actors will be the children.

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Another technique that was presented to the teachers are the so called "class meetings" and "school workshops". The aim of the meetings is establishment of an atmosphere of trust among the students in which they will share issues they face every day in school without saying names. The role of the workshops is to provoke the children to create and collect materials and to reach to best solutions for decreasing the bullying.