Ruckenwind Quality Toolbox will be offered to Bulgarian children

Ruckenwind - an initiative to support young people with fewer opportunities
Monday 8 November 2010 by Elizabet Dimitrova

Ruckenwind is an inclusion strategy, aiming at the empowerment of young people, offering general guidance and mentorship, developed in an international partnership, using the possibilities of the European Youth in Action programme.

At the end of October 2010 a training has been organized in Finland. Bulgaria participated with 4 young people from Zaedno foundation and from GERT.

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The training was aimed to give young people the chance to express their priorities and hopes by sharing thier knowledge and learning from each other’s experience

The used methods were interactive methods, games and discussions.

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There was a whole-day session to include theoretical background, to achieve safe and dynamic athmosphere and to value the practical work. Participants were tought to risk assessment, supervision and control methods and were given tools for working with behavioral problems.

During one full day there was a presentation of the system and its operation including pitfalls.

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Special attention was put on the value of in-dept individual work. The training provided an opportunity to young activists to meet new collegues and to establish new partnerships in the wanderful environment of Kokkola.