Young Women’s Dialogue

AWID cares for young women’s rights
Monday 8 November 2010 Elizabet Dimitrova
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A Young Women’s Dialogue took place in Tbilisi 19-20 October, 2010. The event was attended by 30 young women from all over the world.

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The participants shared their experience in the field of women’s rights in their countries. They discussed their practices and the current situation of young women worldwide. During the two days there were 6 different workshops: how to reach our goals; how to successfully fundraise for women’s rights, healthy food etc. The topic of two of the workshops was the fulfillment of SRHR that happened to be one of the main issues faced by young women.

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Another very important common problem was the need of overcoming the generational gap in the NGOs. Young women need their own place in the feminist movement. But they need to step on the experience of older activists. The intergenerational work is necessary as well as sharing the knowledge between generations by common meetings and discussions.

The need of involving more young women in the feminist movement was also discussed. As a first step the participants decided to create an open internet platform where everybody can be informed about the activities of other organizations.