International Youth Day - August 12, 2009

This year for the second time the members of the international network ASTRA Youth organized a campaign for raising the awareness of the young people on their SRHR called “Healthy Youth – Healthy Future!”
Monday 24 August 2009
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The date itself - 12.08. is the International Youth Day. The girls from the Bulgarian GERT foundation organized a campaign for raising the awareness of the young people on SRHR. The action was in support of their international partners from ASTRA Youth. The action was called “Healthy Youth- Healthy Future!”

During the action which was led by Elizabet Dimitrova, Iva Tachkova and Mirela Petrova various materials were disseminated: stickers, informational materials and pins specially created for the action.

The main goal of the action was to attract the attention of the young people to the necessity of information, knowledge and regular medical tests to prevent the risk of infection with STD’s (including HIV/AIDS).

This is the second year in which the event was organized by GERT in Bulgaria. In the same time the action was organized in the countries from Eastern Europe in which there are youth sections of the ASTRA network.

ASTRA Youth is a group of young people from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and Balkan countries. The group consists of young activists (girls and boys 18-30 years old) some of them affiliated with ASTRA members’ organizations, other working with various NGO’s working in Central and Eastern Europe and some individuals. The youth coordinator of GERT foundation Elizabet Dimitrova is the representative of Bulgaria in ASTRA Youth.

ASTRA Youth activities:

- providing youth-friendly services and counseling;
- publishing information materials on SRHR, contraception, STD’s and HIV/ AIDS prevention for youth;
- participation in international events;
- initiation of actions and campaigns.