Bullying prevention in school environment

Capacity building of educators’ community in Bulgaria to combat bullying and all types of violence among children: development, training and pilot implementation. The project is funded by Oak foundation with the support of the Global Fund for Children.
Saturday 22 August 2009
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Children use violence among them. Children hurt themselves and bully themselves; children suffer… like adults, but more and more sincerely. During the last years the country has been shocked by several cases of child-to-child violence with fatal end. Most of the lighter cases never appear on the surface. Violence and bullying are not an invented or adopted issues. They are real and frightening.

The causes and factors determining the manifestation of aggressive behavior of children are complex and usually are deeply rooted in the social tension, the unstable family environment, patriarchal attitudes, and different expectations from boys and from girls, the negative influence of some friends’ circles, the polarized material status and the influence of media. And if we are looking for the causes, it is to be able to intervene and counter the trends, gaining speed in school environment.

The goal of this project is to oppose and counter violence and bullying in schools. The program differs from the well known educational approaches because it tackles the phenomenon in its integrity and offers complex measures to find a solution and remedy. The school is dealt with like a human being, where the intervention is at all levels: pupil, classroom, school, community.

Main goals of the project:

1. To influence change in policy and practice in educational establishments on the issue of violence against and among children through raising the awareness of the society and specifically of education authorities and professionals working in the education system dealing with children 7-16 years old on the existence, the extent and the impact of bullying and violence on children, their physical and psychological status and their achievements at school.

2. On the basis of existing international experience and national reality develop and adapt a comprehensive training program, aimed at decreasing and eliminating all kinds of violence among children and bullying in school environment and introduce the program nationwide.

3. Contribute to the better climate in educational establishments as well as State institutions for children, boarding schools etc. making them a safer place for children and to the general enhancement of academic achievements of children.

Target groups:

1. Teachers, class principals, school psychologists.

2. Pupil from the age group 7-16.

Duration of the project: 3 years

The project is being implemented in 5 regions in Bulgaria.