Preventing violence against and among children: are boys born violent and how to prevent to learn the violent behavior

Project funded by Oak foundation, Switzerland
Friday 11 August 2006
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Violence and abuse are everywhere around us. If a decade ago it was an official policy to deny and to hide the existing violent assaults, now we witness in our everyday life the extent and the diversity of violence and abuse. Particular concern is the violence against and among children: street violence, violence in schools.

The root causes of violence and child abuse are different: poverty, marginalization, power relations, patriarchal attitudes, radical changes in social environment, class differentiation, broadening the gap between those who “have” and those who “have not” and creation of different social tensions.

The purpose of this project is to focus on boys and to plan comprehensive education activities on the basis of a thorough study of these causes the groups of children they are affecting and specifically to focus on changing boy’s behavior and attitude towards violence and abuse