Globalization, sustainable development and trade – policy issues, advocacy skills and needs of CEE NGOs

Regional Capacity-Building Seminar, Prague, May 21- May 24, 2006
Monday 29 May 2006
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The Prague Seminar was organized by Prague Global Policy Institute – Glopolis in cooperation with Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B)and hosted participants from development, environmental, gender, human rights, alter-globalization and other civil society organizations from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries along with top experts from EU-15 countries.

The Seminar was attended by five Bulgarian representatives of different NGOs who were facilitators, presenters and active participants.

Main objectives of the seminar:

 Show (local/regional) relevance, possibilities and results of trade policy work to civil society groups in CEE countries;

 Build capacities (knowledge and skills) of the participants to monitor, analyze, network, and communicate with decision-makers on the issues of Trade, Globalization and Sustainable Development;

 Show the CSOs in CEE countries how to effectively engage in a policy dialogue and eventually influence respective decision-making processes;

 Share and transfer the experience from EU-15 civil society groups;

 Strengthen the network of European CSOs, especially S2B;

 Identify the specific (and further) needs of CEE-based CSOs in the field of advocacy and policy work to address in the future.

The main themes discussed at the workshop were:

 The Gender Economic Literacy in the context of Economic globalization and sustainable development

 Economic Globalization and Free Trade - concept, history, empirical evidence and political context.

 Development, social, environmental, gender impacts of free trade.

 Alter-globalization Movement - what and how is done by trade and (alter)globalization NGOs globally and on EU level.

 Global Trade Issues - State of the Game after WTO Hong Kong Ministerial in 2005 and Geneva Negotiations in 2006.

 World Trade Organization - history, functioning, negotiations, Non-Agricultural Market Access, Genetically Modified Organisms, Economic Partnership Agreements and other Regional Trade Agreements, Trade in Services and Agriculture.

 General Agreement on Trade in Services and Bolkestein Directive.

There were workshops on Local and Global Alternatives, which discussed the Free Trade Alternatives; the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Czech Republic; the International Regulatory Instruments for Economic Globalization.

The concluding part of the workshop discussed the themes: Economic globalization policy in CEE– capacities and Cooperation; EU-15 vs. New Members States/CEE – Bridges and Differences; Regional and European Cooperation – Mechanisms, Capacities and Needs to Be Addressed.

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