Catholic and sexual health and rights activists join hands to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS

Thursday 25 August 2005 Christina Haralanova
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“For the first time ever, both Catholic and sexual health and rights activists have joined hands in creating a 16-country coalition using 11 languages to challenge what is a great injustice: the Vatican’s ban on the use of condoms,” said Ozzi Warwick, a HIV/AIDS activist from Trinidad and Tobago. “We have said it loudly so that it rings around the world. Last year, there were 39.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS. Almost 60,000 people died of AIDS this week as we waited for the pope. We will not accept the Vatican’s lobbying at forums like the United Nations and the European Union to stop Catholics and non-Catholics gaining access to life saving condoms.”

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WYD4All encountered overwhelming enthusiasm in Cologne and from around the world as they distributed safer sex advice and information concerning the bishops’ ban on condoms. “This demonstrates that young people are behind those bishops around the world who have already stood up and told the Vatican that it is moral to use condoms to prevent the transmission of death and that condoms are for life,”, WYD4All posted on its official blog

The World Youth Day 4 All Coalition (WYD4All) is an international youth coalition dedicated to promoting church reform, sexual and reproductive health and rights and youth activism. WYD4All will be in Cologne for the duration of Catholic World Youth Day in support of the Condoms4Life campaign to raise public awareness about the devastating effect of the bishops’ ban on condoms.

World Youth Day 4 All are:

- Wir sind Kirche-JUGEND / We Are Church-YOUTH
- YouACT / European Youth Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
- Catholics for a Free Choice
- CDD Bolivia/Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir
- Homosexuelle und Kirche / Homosexuals and Church

The Bulgarian participants in the event were representatives of ZAEDNO - Communication for Support and Development Foundation and Gender Education, Research and Technologies Foundation.

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The Condoms4Life Campaign is a project of Catholics for Free Choice (CFFC), which shapes and advances sexual and reproductive ethics that are based on justice, reflect a commitment to women’s well being and respect and affirm the moral capacity of women and men to make sound decisions about their lives. Through discourse, education and advocacy, CFFC works in the US and internationally to infuse these values into public policy, community life, feminist analysis and Catholic social thinking and teaching.