Appeal of the 1000 feminists against the European Constitution

Monday 16 May 2005 Christina Haralanova
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We, women of Europe, have gathered in the European Parliament in Brussels, on the 4th of May 2005 under the European Feminist Initiative for another Europe (EFI) and in result we are launching the following appeal in order to state that:

- We agree that without equality between women and men there is no real democracy;
- We agree that without guarantees of the fundamental women’s human rights there will not be future for Europe;
- We call for mobilisation in order to create a powerful European feminist movement that says “No” to this Constitution and for building an antipatriarchal, secular, anti-militar and anti-racist Europe of rights and equality between women and men.

This appeal is being launched in all the countries of Europe on the 9th of May, 2005, the day of Europe.