Gender discrimination and the Burden of Proof in EU Legislation

Comparative review of the legislation in force and the case law
Wednesday 13 April 2005
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This publication is part of a project of GERT entitled "Supporting the Judicial System in the Implementation of the Antidiscrimination Law in Bulgaria through Analysis of the existing Policies and Case Law in EU in the field of Gender Equality". The project is implemented within the framework of the Judicial Development Project in Bulgaria of the East West Management Institute.

The main themes of the book are the EU policy and legislation in the area of Gender equality, EU directives in the area of gender equality and the status of gender equality in the legislation of member states and the countries of accession as well as the Bulgarian antidiscrimination law in the context of European standards.

The appendices of the publication contain examples of the practice of Sofia District Court, of the European Court in Luxembourg and the texts of EU Directives relevant to EU Directive 97/80/EC.

Author of the publication: Mariya Gencheva