Initiatives for prevention and combating domestic violence against women

Tuesday 5 April 2005
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The Project has been funded by the European Commission

Project coordinator:

General Objectives

 Increase the efficiency of care for women victims or potential victims of domestic violence through information campaigns and professional trainings;

 Make visible the oocurence of domestic violence against women and eventually the domestic violence within the family as a whole;

 Raise the awareness and sensitivity of perpetrators and potential perpetrators of violence.

Operational Objectives:

 Identify the impact of the European policy for equal opportunities of women and men on the knowledge, hearings and collective care of women victims of domestic violence.

 Identify the mecanisms preventing the implementation of a multidisciplinary approach for dealing with domestic violenec cases.

 Produce an information and educational multimedia tool on the basis of real cases of domestic violence, the solutions that have been found and the further enhancement of the approach.

 Inform and train the professionals participating in the process of reintegration of victims. Disseminate the achievements using visual tools.

 Promote the work in partnership through analytical workshops, evaluation and exchange of professional experience in view of creating of a pool of multidisciplinary assistance for women victims of domestic violence.

 Promote the prevention of violence by involving women victims or former victims of domestic violence.

 Diseminate the tools created by the synergy of expertise and existing instruments in a multimedia tool, training programs, exchange and implementation of good practices.

Target groups:

The main target group and final recipient of the project results are women victims of domestic violence. Another target group of the project are the following professionals: social workers, reintegration actors, medical doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers and nurses. They are the direct beneficiaries of the project as they are taking part in the creation of the education tools and training sessions. The violent men and the potential perpetrators are also targets of the project.

French partners
 Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes - Paris

 L’équipe Simone – Université de Toulouse le Mirail

 Université Paul Sabatier

 Institut Saint- Simon Toulouse

 SOS Femmes Marseille

International partners

 GERT, Bulgaria

 Offener Kanal Dessau, Germany

 BIG.e.V, Germany

 Esece servicios integrales SL, Spain