UNECE Regional Preparatory Meeting for the 10 years Review and Appraisal of the Beijing Platform for Action

GERT was invited to present the NGO voice at the governmental panel on women’s employability and the role of technological empowerment of women therein (full text of the statement)
Friday 31 December 2004 Jivka Marinova
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At its 47th session (March 2003), "the CSW requested the regional Commissions to ensure that regional specificities and regional perspectives are highlighted and visibly reflected in the global ten-year review of implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and the Outcome Document of 2000.

This resolution has given the five regional commissions a strong mandate to follow-up and monitor not only the implementation for the Beijing Platform for Action and the regional plans, but also the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)". (Joint Statement of the Five United Regional Commissions to the 48th Session of the CSW – New York – March 2004)

The UN Economic Commission for Europe (and North America) (UNECE) is one of the five regional arms of the United Nations. It was set up in 1947 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to develop economic activity and strengthen economic relations within the UNECE region and between this region and the rest of the world". UNECE Regional Preparatory Meeting for the 10 years Review and Appraisal of the Beijing Platform for Action was held in Geneva in December 14/15 2004.

The main objectives of the meeting were:

 (I) To support the implementation of the Beijing commitments at national level through the provision of a regional platform for the assessment of progress
 (II) To identify gaps and remaining challenges
 (III)To exchange good practices to facilitate the process of policy convergence based on the successful experiences
 (IV)To contribute to the global 10-year Review of the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action."

The Forum did not address the 12 areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action but a selected number of them, depending on their particular relevance to the UNECE region.

The main themes were:

  1. Women in the Economy
  2. Institutional Mechanisms to Promote Gender Equality
  3. Trafficking of Women in the context of Migratory Movements
  4. Emerging Issues (including gender budgets)

As in previous meetings of this kind, the NGOs were actively involved in the event.

The NGO forum took place in Geneva in December 12/13 2004 Its principle objective was to coordinate the participation of NGOs at the UNECE Meeting of 14/15 December 2004. Among the other aims of the meeting was the determination of emerging issues. You can read here the full report of NGO meeting in Geneva.

GERT took part in the thematic workshops on “Women in the Economy” as member of the KARAT coalition and in “Emerging issues – women and new information and communication technologies (ICTs)” as part of the APC delegation.

Women and ICTs have been qualified as an important emerging issue that focused the attention of many people.

The workshop on women and ICTs proposed the following recommendations:

“To ensure full participation of women of all ages and cultural backgrounds in information societies, governments must ensure all ICT programs, investments and policies, including WSIS, consistently incorporate gender indicators and benchmarking, and are accountable for evaluation. They must provide affordable access to and education on effective use of ICTs, and empower women to generate, own, develop, use and shape ICTs in content and policies. Regulatory frameworks addressing violent and stereotypical images that exploit women must be developed with all stakeholders, particularly women, and must not enforce censorship or surveillance that limits access to information or invades privacy”.