“Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights Organizations and Movements in the SEE/CEE/CIS Region”

Sunday 25 September 2011 Elizabet Dimitrova
12 young representatives of women’s organizations met at the conference “Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights Organizations and Movements in the SEE/CEE/CIS Region” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Conference was held on October 21-23, 2010. One of the main topics of the conference was the research among women oriented organizations done by AWID that shows the basic issues in women’s rights organizations and movements in the SEE/CEE/CIS region. A comparison was made based on the research that (...) (continue)

Ruckenwind Quality Toolbox will be offered to Bulgarian children

Monday 8 November 2010 by Elizabet Dimitrova
Ruckenwind is an inclusion strategy, aiming at the empowerment of young people, offering general guidance and mentorship, developed in an international partnership, using the possibilities of the European Youth in Action programme.
At the end of October 2010 a training has been organized in Finland. Bulgaria participated with 4 young people from Zaedno foundation and from GERT.
The training was aimed to give young people the chance to express their priorities and hopes by sharing thier (...) (continue)

ASTRA Youth Strategic Meeting and Fundraising Training, 16-18 October, 2010, Tbilisi, Georgia

Monday 8 November 2010
The AWID meeting gives the opportunity to youth leaders (continue)

Young Women’s Dialogue

Monday 8 November 2010 Elizabet Dimitrova
A Young Women’s Dialogue took place in Tbilisi 19-20 October, 2010. The event was attended by 30 young women from all over the world.
The participants shared their experience in the field of women’s rights in their countries. They discussed their practices and the current situation of young women worldwide. During the two days there were 6 different workshops: how to reach our goals; how to successfully fundraise for women’s rights, healthy food etc. The topic of two of the workshops was (...) (continue)

16-18 October: Bulgaria joined the Global Action against Poverty

Saturday 31 October 2009 by Jivka Marinova
The Bulgarian Platform of NGOs for International Development (BPID) playing the role of national GCAP coalition participated to the Global Action against poverty led by GERT and its volunteers!
Thousands of leaflets, pins, postcards and T-shirts have been disseminated among young people in schools and universities and people in the street in front of the National Parliament. The Stand-up Take Action campaign was run simultaneously in Sofia, Varna, Karlovo and Rakovski. They demanded the (...) (continue)

International Youth Day - August 12, 2009

Monday 24 August 2009
The date itself - 12.08. is the International Youth Day. The girls from the Bulgarian GERT foundation organized a campaign for raising the awareness of the young people on SRHR. The action was in support of their international partners from ASTRA Youth. The action was called “Healthy Youth- Healthy Future!”
During the action which was led by Elizabet Dimitrova, Iva Tachkova and Mirela Petrova various materials were disseminated: stickers, informational materials and pins specially created for (...) (continue)

February 6: International Day for Safer Internet

Saturday 13 January 2007 Jivka Marinova
The International Day for Safer Internet will be celebrated for the fourth time on February 6, 2007. For the first time Bulgaria was invited to take part in this event in 2005. In 2006 thirty seven countries throughout the world took part in the celebration. (continue)

Globalization, sustainable development and trade – policy issues, advocacy skills and needs of CEE NGOs

Monday 29 May 2006
The seminar was organized by Prague Global Policy Institute – Glopolis in cooperation with Seattle to Brussels Network (S2B) (continue)

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