Preventing violence against and among children: are boys born violent and how to prevent to learn the violent behavior

Friday 11 August 2006
The project is focusing on boys and and aims at planning of comprehensive education activities on the basis of a thorough study of the causes of violence, the groups of children they are affecting and specifically on changing boy’s behavior and attitude towards violence and abuse (continue)

Strengthening the public trust in the court and the public demand for improved justice among young people in Bulgaria

Thursday 15 December 2005
The judicial system and the Court are among the institutions, which are perceived and approached with some reticence and fear, and in the same time they are largely criticized in the public space. (continue)

Prevention of trafficking and sexual exploitation of children

Wednesday 15 June 2005
A large number of children in Bulgaria are placed in state residential homes.Children are very sensitive to people coming from outside and they trust mainly their close friends, roommates and children with similar experience and age. Therefore prevention programs run by peers are mostly efficient. (continue)

Initiatives for prevention and combating domestic violence against women

Tuesday 5 April 2005
This projet is part of the efforts to recognize the domestic violence against women as a public health issue. It implies the creation of specific protocols for care under the auspices of relevant public authorities (continue)

Challenging the health reform in Bulgaria: advocacy campaign to include reporoductive health services in the social security payments

Friday 31 December 2004
Partnership initiative supported by ASTRA network for sexual and reproductive health and rights of women in CEE/CIS (continue)

Supporting the Judicial System in the Implementation of the Anti - discrimination Law in Bulgaria

Wednesday 18 August 2004
The establishment of particular legal guarantees for gender equality is among the main goals of EU and this goal is present in almost all spheres of activities. The enforcement of the new law is an important step in increasing the opportunities for protection when the equality of treatment on the basis of gender is violated and the knowledge of EU case law in this field is od key importance. (continue)

Appropriating ICT’s for the visibility of women’s economic initiatives

Monday 2 August 2004
This project will enable women who carry economic initiatives to give more visibility to the alternatives created, to apprehend success factors in order to go beyond the obstacles encountered, to increase the innovative effects by breaking with an often paralyzing isolation starting from an exchange of experiences and knowledge with other practitioners members of an ever wider network (continue)

Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to prevent sexual exploitation and trafficking in children

Monday 2 August 2004
Bulgaria is a cross point of channels of trafficking in human beings. Although the country ratified all the relevant conventions and protocols, their implementation and use is hampered by the lack of appropriate knowledge in the society. (continue)

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